4 Eylül 2008 Perşembe

hospitality club means...

We have been members of Hospitality Club for 8 or 9 months, it is a club where people meet (of course by membership) and if a member wants, he/she can open their house for travellers and give them a sleeping area..if a member does not want to welcome a guest at his/her place, then he/she can choose "drink smt and have dinner for night"..it depends on the member.

Our choice is to welcome the travelers at our place but although we would like to welcome, nobody sent us a message during these months.

3 weeks ago, in a meeting of HC, one of our Turkish friends told us about the couchsurfing web site. Then, the next day my husband and I became members..After that, we started to receive lots of messages from the travellers!!

Well, now we have guests :)Our first guest was from France, he is an Algerian whose name is Nacim...He arrived on Friday 29th August. We have spent good time together. We went to the couch surfing party, discovered Istanbul's nice places again ..He left us on Monday morning because our new guests would come on Monday evening..He was a nice guy, hope to see him again... :)

Now we have other guests, names are Laure and Benoit, they are from France, too :)Benoit is 21 and Laure is 22...They came here after Bulgaria..They are so sweet, nice, kind and alive..we love them! :)I will put the photos of them. But now, it is time to introduce Nacim to you.. :)

here he is..

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